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5 Ways to Prep for Baby Makin’ (before you’re even ready to start trying)

  This is a new conversation, I get that. Most individuals think of preconception prep as...well...practicing your love making techniques (gentlemen, I’m mostly talking to you!), but there is so much more to it than that! We are learning more and more about the importance of getting your body ready for conception....even before the big [...]

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Episode 28 | Detoxing Your Life Part 2

If you missed last week’s episode, Part 1 of our detox series, go back and listen to Episode 27 before listening to today’s episode. In “Detoxing Your Life Part 2,” we are continuing with the theme of looking at detox through a whole body lens and diving into external detox. Your external environment—the products you use to clean [...]

My Beauty Routine + Why I Made the Swap to Clean Products

Photos by Caroline Potter I’m a woman. Duh. Most of you knew that. And I really love being a woman. I love getting dressed up and putting a little extra makeup on to “wow” the hubs. I love that I got to house our baby girl, labor and birth her into this world [...]

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Episode 27 | Detoxing Your Life Part 1

Today is the first day of spring and we thought this was the perfect time of year to talk about detox since most of us have the natural urge to purge the junk in their lives and take on the new season with a healthier flare this time of year. What do you think about [...]

Episode 26 | Balancing Health, Work and Motherhood with Tori Wesszer

Thank you to Primally Pure for sponsoring this week’s episode.  Head over to Primallypure.com for the BEST and absolutely effective 100% natural deodorant and more! Today we have on the beautiful Tori Wesszer of Fraiche Nutrition, a Registered Dietitian, wife and mama extraordinaire. As a mom of two little guys, Tori is no stranger to the [...]

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Episode 25 | Why We Love Being Nutritional Therapy Practitioners + Beyond

Today we are talking about what it means to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and how you can be an influencer without ever going back to school! This episode is a little different than the usual. Today we are digging into what we do as Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and what that title actually means. Each [...]

Episode 24 | Flourishing Through Thyroid Struggles & Hashimoto’s with Carrie Vitt

Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring today's episode! Today we’ve got a special guest on the podcast whom you may already know and love by her delicious grain-free recipes, Carrie Vitt of Deliciously Organic. But if this gal is new to you, you’re in for a treat! Carrie is the author of the best selling [...]

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Episode 23 | Daily Routine Fitness with Rachel Doell

Thank you to the Nutritional Therapy Association for sponsoring this episode! Our first fitness focused podcast episode (wow, try saying that 3 times fast!) is up and it’s a good one! In today’s episode we chat with the incredibly real and insanely beautiful Rachel Doell of Daily Routine Fitness about making fitness and movement a [...]

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Episode 22 | Making Babies – Preconception Nutrition with Kim Schuette

Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring today's episode! In today’s episode, we’re diving into a topic that we consider the “ultimate form of preventative health”- preconception preparation! This episode is one of my favorites so far. It’s serious, it’s deep, it’s encouraging and it has the potential to be life changing for those [...]

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Introducing…the Primally Pure Baby Line + 30 Practical, Everyday Uses

As a mama (or daddy), your child’s health is your upmost priority. I don’t think there is a single parent that is excluded from that fact. It’s just the way we’re wired. I remember feeling this crazy protectiveness while driving when my daughter, Elle, was first born. Everyone was a predator, putting my precious newborn [...]

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