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Episode 7 | Giving Grace + Not Judging Other’s for Their Food Choices

Photo by the lovely Caroline Potter Food and eating is important from a physical standpoint, it keeps us alive and helps us function, but it is also important from an emotional standpoint—it connects us with other humans, friends, lovers, children, etc. On today’s episode, we maneuver through the difficult topics of food-shaming and [...]

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How to save serious time + money grocery shopping [plus a free download!]

Over the past 8 months, I have done everything in my power to NOT have to go to the store. Don’t get me wrong, I love the grocery store. Just not with an 8 month old. Really, it’s not even that. She’s a pretty darn good shopping partner, but I’d definitely rather be spending my [...]

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Episode 6 | Quick, Out-the-door Breakfast Ideas

Photo by Caroline Potter Our biggest advice when working with clients is, whatever you do, please don’t skip breakfast. Eating breakfast is kind of like putting on armor, so to speak, for the day! On this week’s episode we’re talking all things breakfast- why it’s so important from a nutrition perspective, how to [...]

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Episode 5 | Taking Advantage of Transition Times

For many of you, September is either a ‘summer is done let’s get back to business month’, or finally, ‘the kids are back in school, let’s get re-focused month!’  Whatever the case may be for you, we believe it is incredibly productive and beneficial to take advantage of this transition time! Goal setting is a [...]

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[BIG NEWS] Introducing…The Colorful Eats Podcast!

For many years I have prayed for the Lord to use the amazing passion for nutrition and all things healthy living that I believe He placed on my heart to help people…in a big way. In the summer before my sophomore year in college, I was on a walk, praying about my future and where [...]

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3 ways to love on the new mom bod you’re rockin’ these days (and how to drop the baby weight while you’re at it)…

Oh the dreaded baby weight. You spend 9 months gaining the weight and 4 weeks after that precious bump appears in your arms, you’re looking in the mirror like, “Shouldn’t this fluff be gone by now!?” I know because I’ve been there. Actually, I’m there now. I had my precious baby girl at home on [...]

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essential oils for summertime skin + DIY after sun sprays

Summer is in full affect and I am loving all things pool par-tay, friend-packed, sweaty weekends in sunny Southern California! It’s crazy to think we only have about five weekends left in the season! Oh, how time flies when you’re having fun. The hubs and I spent the last week in San Diego and there [...]

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Becoming Dr. Mommy | Webinar Registration

What is one of the most important things that you desire for your family? If you said 'health', this webinar is for you! Put the kids to bed, grab a cup of hot tea and come learn how you can replace medications and other toxic products in your home with pure essential oils and how [...]

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All things pre + post-baby health on the Nourishing Buzz Podcast

Ok, I have a new obsession. Thank the Lord because if I didn't like it, I'd be in big trouble. I'm obsessed with motherhood, nourishing my family and keeping them safe and healthy. Particularly my precious baby girl. To me, this is the ultimate job and an incredible responsibility to use the knowledge I have [...]

Our Birth Story

// This is my transition into focusing on all things pre- and post-natal nutrition, health and life. This birth story is honest and detailed, not for the faint of heart. The purpose of posting this story, our story, is to show couples how beautiful labor and birth can be. I hear so many scary and [...]

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