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Episode 24 | Flourishing Through Thyroid Struggles & Hashimoto’s with Carrie Vitt

Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring today's episode! Today we’ve got a special guest on the podcast whom you may already know and love by her delicious grain-free recipes, Carrie Vitt of Deliciously Organic. But if this gal is new to you, you’re in for a treat! Carrie is the author of the best selling [...]

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Episode 21 | Practical, Healthy Life Swaps

We often talk about healthy, real food swaps like using spaghetti squash instead of wheat based pastas or cauliflower “rice” instead of the regular stuff and if you’re listening to the podcast regularly, chances are you’ve got these hacks down pat. Today we wanted to get a little more specific, yet very simple and practical, [...]

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Episode 20 | Demo Day – Busting Common Nutrition Myths

Photo by Lindsey Marie January is a month where you hear a lot more health and nutrition commercials, blog posts, ads and the like that are usually full of recommendations that can actually go against our desire to get and be healthy, despite our best efforts. This isn’t because they’re trying to scam [...]

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Episode 16: Cheers – Ways to “Healthfully” Enjoy a Drink

Photo by Caroline Potter If you haven’t listened to Part 1—our festive, sustainable holiday gift guide episode and part 2— flourishing through this festive season, be sure to start there! In today’s episode, we are talking alcohol...a touchy subject for some, but we wanted to shed some light on an area that can [...]

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Episode 10 | Practical, Delicious Food with Alexis from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

On today’s episode, we’re hangin’ with the beautiful Alexis, the voice behind Lexi’s Clean Kitchen—the go-to food blog for clean and delicious recipes that shows readers that living a healthy lifestyle can be simple, fun, and above all satisfying. Alexis shares how her health journey led her to creating a successful blog and business, what [...]

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Episode 9 | What Your Food Cravings May Be Telling You About Your Health

Food cravings- everyone’s got them, but what do they actually mean? Something that is not talked about enough when it comes to nutrition— what food cravings may be telling us about our health - we beat ourselves up about food cravings but we really need to understand the root causes and how we can fix them. [...]

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How to save serious time + money grocery shopping [plus a free download!]

Over the past 8 months, I have done everything in my power to NOT have to go to the store. Don’t get me wrong, I love the grocery store. Just not with an 8 month old. Really, it’s not even that. She’s a pretty darn good shopping partner, but I’d definitely rather be spending my [...]

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Episode 6 | Quick, Out-the-door Breakfast Ideas

Photo by Caroline Potter Our biggest advice when working with clients is, whatever you do, please don’t skip breakfast. Eating breakfast is kind of like putting on armor, so to speak, for the day! On this week’s episode we’re talking all things breakfast- why it’s so important from a nutrition perspective, how to [...]

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3 ways to love on the new mom bod you’re rockin’ these days (and how to drop the baby weight while you’re at it)…

Oh the dreaded baby weight. You spend 9 months gaining the weight and 4 weeks after that precious bump appears in your arms, you’re looking in the mirror like, “Shouldn’t this fluff be gone by now!?” I know because I’ve been there. Actually, I’m there now. I had my precious baby girl at home on [...]

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fall is in the air + [grain-free] pumpkin spice muffins

  In my humble opinion, there is no greater time of year than when the leaves begin to change, the air becomes cool and crisp and the scent of cinnamon lingers in the air. Wait, what am I talking about? I live in Southern California, this doesn't happen! A girl can dream though, can't she!? I [...]

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