As I was driving to the store the other day I saw a cute older couple on a walk, then I passed by a middle aged man running hard, face beat red and sweat saturating his t-shirt and then two moms pushing their little ones in jogging strollers as they gabbed all the while. Strangely, each situation made me smile. Seeing each individual taking charge of his/her health in an active way was inspiring to me.

When I was training for a half marathon in the beginning of the year, I would have those days where I’d rather be thrown into a pit of hungry bears than go on a run. Staying focused and keeping motivated would be really hard at times, especially if I was extra tired from work or had other things I’d rather do. Then I would see one of these inspiring “roadside runners” or a guy carrying his yoga mat and it would kick me back into reality. You love this! You need this! Get out there and stop your whining! Who has ever felt bad after an good workout?

Have you ever experienced this? When you decide you’re going to hit the couch rather than lace up those tennis shoes and hit the road {or the gym, or your yoga mat, etc.}? We all do it. Often times our powerful mind overrules our innate desire to be active. {We see this same thing with our sugar cravings, etc.}

I like to use these roadside runners as a reminder of my own desire to be healthy, strong and active and as inspiration when I’m less than inspired on my own. In turn, when I’m out for a jog or a walk with the hubs I like to pray that each person that sees me/us will also feel inspired to get out and be active in their own favorite way.

Now, I definitely don’t believe that exercise weighs more than a nourishing, REAL food diet on the scale that is wellness. However, I do know that being active is important and it just flat out makes you feel good {all that endorphine business!}.

What inspires you to be healthy? How can you create more of that inspiration in your life and in turn, others lives? Let me know and who knows, maybe you’ll be the inspiration that helps someone toward their ultimate wellness!

Shine Bright all!