As the holiday season quickly rolls around, it is easy to get caught up in the gifts and parties and all the exciting things that come along with the season. In all this yule tide madness, could it be that we are forgetting the true meaning of Christmas? That Christ was born on this earth, to live and to die for all of us that we may spend eternity with Him and His Father in Heaven. How can we celebrate His life in a deeper way this year? How can we show others our hearts and Christ’s precious love?

This year, I challenge you to think about what we can do for others, to serve those that are hurting and that are in need. Compassion International has an amazing program that allows you and me to give meaningful gifts to children and families in other countries. You can purchase chickens, cows, tents, water purifying systems, dental care, Bibles, seeds for gardens, soccer balls and so much more. When I watched some of the videos of people giving it totally inspired me and warmed my heart.

How can we make a difference in others lives this Christmas season while showing our little ones how to love and serve others? Give a gift of life and hope with Compassion International’s Gifts of Compassion!

Shine Bright!

Compassion gives you the opportunity to sponsor childred from all over the world! Check it out at!