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We are all about real food. Unprocessed, whole foods chalk full of disease fighting nutrients. We live by the motto, “Food is medicine,” and believe that learning to incorporate healthy, whole foods into your diet is a recipe for good health.


Your health is our passion. Whether you want to extend your years playing with your grandkids or are looking to shed unwanted weight, we hope to inspire a deep appreciation and value on one’s health; connecting and supporting mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Real Food and healthy living should be sustainable, no fad diets or calorie counting necessary. We want you to live and be well for a lifetime. We strive to educate and empower our clients to make healthy food and lifestyle “enhancements” that last.

  • Episode 85 Body Image

    Episode 85 | Celebrating Your Unique Body

    This week we’re sharing an exciting announcement that you may or may not have caught on social media, something we’ve been keeping top secret as we recorded episodes ahead of time for Caroline’s maternity leave. Getting into the meat of today’s episode, we’re talking about body image again–a challenging topic that we feel needs the […]
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  • Episode 84 Summer

    Episode 84 | 6 Ways to Keep Your Summer Healthy

    The official start of summer is right around the corner and with the summer months comes lots of sunshine, family vacations, BBQ’s and cold treats–it’s safe to say summer is one of our favorite seasons. But truth be told, it can also be a stressful season with too much on the agenda, a few too […]
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  • Episode 83 Birth Control

    Episode 83 | The Unknown Facts About How Birth Control Affects You–Part 2

    Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! Last week we dug into the controversial topic of hormonal birth control and shared just how this oh-so-common daily medication may be affecting our health. Check out Episode 82 here! So we know you’ve got questions and lucky you, we’ve got answers! On today’s episode, […]
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  • Episode 82 Birth Control

    Episode 82 | The Unknown Facts About How Birth Control Affects You–Part 1

    On today’s episode, we’re talking about a subject that is quite controversial and incredibly personal, one that most women know little about despite popping it daily–hormonal birth control. As holistic Nutritional Therapists, we wanted to dig into the topic a little deeper in order to help our listeners understand how this all too common medication […]
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  • justinecampbellfamily-62

    We’re Expecting!

    I didn’t leave much for the imagination with the title on the post, did I!? Well, it’s true! We are expecting another precious little human mid-November (a Christmas AND Thanksgiving baby!? Really!?)! I am 14 weeks along and feel so beyond blessed that this little one stuck! Having experienced miscarriages (you can read and listen […]
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  • Episode 81 Ashlyn

    Episode 81 | Vulnerability & Grace in Recovering from an Eating Disorder with Ashlyn Carter

    Today we had the honor of chatting with a special guest and friend and a new type of guest to the podcast, a copywriter!  Ashlyn Carter is a fabulous entrepreneur, calligrapher and copywriter in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Ashlyn writes and tells stories for a living, her personal story is truly one of redemption and both […]
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