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We are all about real food. Unprocessed, whole foods chalk full of disease fighting nutrients. We live by the motto, “Food is medicine,” and believe that learning to incorporate healthy, whole foods into your diet is a recipe for good health.


Your health is our passion. Whether you want to extend your years playing with your grandkids or are looking to shed unwanted weight, we hope to inspire a deep appreciation and value on one’s health; connecting and supporting mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Real Food and healthy living should be sustainable, no fad diets or calorie counting necessary. We want you to live and be well for a lifetime. We strive to educate and empower our clients to make healthy food and lifestyle “enhancements” that last.

  • Episode 75 Business

    Episode 75 | Creating Boundaries in Business

    Today we are changing directions a bit and discussing a topic that is near and dear to both of our hearts and one we get questions on frequently–that business life. Whether you own your own business and work from home in your yoga pants, are working that 9-5 or are a boss woman managing a […]
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  • Episode 74 Skincare Industry

    Episode 74 | Clearing Up Confusion on Changes in the Skincare Industry with Kate Criswell

    We’ve been talking a lot about creating a non-toxic home on the podcast so we wanted to make sure we didn’t leave out one of the most important aspects, your beauty and skincare routine. These are the products we use daily, that sit on our skin for hours and hours and ultimately find their way […]
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  • Episode 73 Miscarriage

    Episode 73 | Emotionally & Physically Healing from Miscarriage

    Today’s episode is a challenging one. It was challenging for us to record and it may even be challenging for you to listen to (you may need tissues my friend), especially if miscarriage is a part of your story. We’ve been wanting to do this episode for a while, but speaking so openly and freely […]
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  • Episode 72 Non-Toxic Home_2

    Episode 72 | Creating a Non-Toxic Home: The How

    Today’s episode is Part 2 of our “Creating a Non-Toxic Home” series and we are so excited because this is the stuff that really helps bring this topic…well…home! If you missed it, definitely listen in to Part 1 of the series, the “why” behind it all. As Nutritional Therapists who talk about this specific topic […]
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  • Episode 71 Non-Toxic Home_1

    Episode 71 | Creating a Non-Toxic Home: The Why

    Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats Podcast! On today’s episode, Part 1 of a 2 part series, we are going to dig into the “why” behind creating a safe, non-toxic home environment. Just as with your health or family or professional goals, creating a solid “why” at the root of your non-toxic […]
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  • Episode 70 Second Trimester

    Episode 70 | Second Trimester Tips: Staying Healthy & Avoiding Comparison

    Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats Podcast! Today we are talking pregnancy again, 2nd trimester specifically. Caroline just made it through her second trimester so we wanted to talk about some important aspects of nutrition and healthy living that can really make a huge difference in your and most importantly, your baby’s […]
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