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Nutritional Therapy & Wellness Coaching

Nutritional therapy is a gentle, prevention focused form of health care with an emphasis on education and one-on-one wellness coaching. At Alo Wellness we take a science based, yet holistic approach to supporting our clients. Nutritional Therapy is deep-rooted in the idea that true and lasting wellness starts with a nutrient dense, whole food diet, a powerful and natural medicine. We are programmed to believe that disease and sickness are inevitable; however, this is far from the truth. By providing our bodies with nourishment and supporting our health with lifestyle enhancements, we are able to tap into the body’s innate ability to restore balance and achieve optimal health.

Nutritional therapy is a unique approach to wellness and three fundamental concepts lead the way with each client:


The beauty of human beings is our bio-individuality, simply meaning that each one of us is different. When working with a client, their bio-individuality steers the course of therapy as it is not a “one size fits all” solution. What works for one client may not work for the next. Many factors, such as genetics, environment, gender and history, play into our nutritional needs. By identifying these differences we can customize your diet, therapy and nutritional supplementation to address imbalance and deficiencies.

Real Food

In our world today, we are constantly bombarded with food propaganda and incredibly confusing food recommendations. We’ve become too busy to cook, too out of touch with our kitchen to do one of the most basic and life-sustaining acts we’ve known for thousands of years. We’ve learned to trust the news and talk show hosts with our health and beliefs on what’s good for us to eat and what’s not. Unfortunately, this has led us pretty far off the path to wellness. The bottom line is that real, unadulterated, unprocessed, whole foods are what our bodies need and thrive off of. By reigniting our natural desire to prepare foods that nourish and strengthen our bodies, we can begin to feel the power of real food- the energy, the strength, the clarity that these food allow us to have, naturally. We encourage families and individuals to get back to the basics, to eat slowly, to eat real and to find joy in this simple act.


There are five key areas to address within the body that do not vary from individual to individual and we call these the “Foundations”- Digestion, Sugar-handling, Hydration, Fatty Acid and Mineral Balance. By tackling these “Foundations” first and foremost, we are able to strengthen the body at its roots. With this, our bodies are better able to assimilate the nutrients we take in and use them to support us through our journey. When our Foundations are strong, we can begin to delve into detoxification, hormone imbalance, infertility, thyroid disorders, gut disease, heart disease, Diabetes and so much more. Our goal is to educate, empower and support clients through their journey to wellness with the intention of creating not only optimal physical wellness, but mental and spiritual wellness as well. 

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