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Episode 46 | Finding Freedom + Joy in Healthy Living with Meredyth Cann

  You will fall in love with today’s episode with the bubbly and endearing Meredyth Cann of Meredyth Delayne Nutrition.  Meredyth is a fellow NTP and in our words, “She’s just our people.” We absolutely adore her take on nutrition and healthy living and know she’ll be a light in your day. On today’s episode, Meredyth shares how [...]

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Upcoming Workshops for New Moms + Mamas-to-Be

I am beyond excited to introduce two upcoming nutrition workshops in the Redlands area! As a new mama, I totally understand the fears, uncertainty, questions and pure madness that comes along with getting pregnant, labor and birth, nursing and feeding baby. It's totally normal, but I want to be a resource for you that can [...]

Episode 45 | Slowing Down is the New Hustle

Today we are sharing our thoughts and feelings on slowing down, what we believe may just be the new hustle, creating more time and space for the things we love and being more productive because of it. There’s a movement toward slowing down and we really like it. It’s something we’ve both been working toward [...]

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Episode 44 | Recognizing the Need for Health Changes with Blair Staky

  Happy Monday and welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! We are so excited to have on a very special guest, Blair Staky, the brains and beauty behind the lifestyle and fashion blog, the Fox and She. We loved the shift we saw in her blog, sharing her new found passion for [...]

Episode 43 | Loving Your Body – An Open Conversation on Body Image

Thank You Primally Pure For Sponsoring This Episode.  Be Sure To Listen To Learn How You Can Get A FREE Lip Balm!   We’re back beautiful! And we are so excited! We’ve missed our Monday podcast dates with you, but it was a nice break for both of us and we hope for you as well. Summer [...]

The Mom’s Guide to Glowing Summer Skin

Hi, I’m Justine and I am the mama of a beautiful little ball of sunshine named Elle. She’s 18 months old going on 5 years of sass and this mama has been working in over-drive to figure out how to create a better balance of family, work and “me” time. Because I think it’s so [...]

3 Tips to Nourish Your Baby + Avoid “Picky Eater Syndrome”

I post “what Elle’s eating” on Instagram stories all the time and I have so many mamas ask me how I get her to eat all that nutritious food. A great question and one I think countless parents are asking these days. Since we have so many newly developed “kid” and “baby” foods on the [...]

Episode 42 | Safe Summer Beauty Guide

Summer is in full swing and we are excited to talk about our safe summer beauty tips and how to nourish your beauty routine. We believe that true beauty comes from the inside out– cliche or not, it’s true! So we are sharing our top beautifying foods and why eating getting more of these tasty [...]

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Soaked, Baked Apple + Cinnamon Oatmeal Bars

I haven’t always been a super fan of oatmeal. It’s like one of those “health” foods you’re forced to think you love (or hope you love) just for the sake of being healthy. Kind of like kale. Well, that all changed in the last few years when I discovered how to properly prepare oatmeal. Oh [...]

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Getting Conception Ready: What to Avoid Like the Plague to Boost Fertility + a freebie!

Let’s real talk for a moment here. Can we please? What you eat matters. It has the ability to make you a superhero with all the energy and focus you need to kick total a&$ in life. No joke. It can especially help make conception a little smoother, helping to balance sex hormones, nourish and [...]

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