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Episode 50 | Our Daily Routines – Balancing Health & Grace

50 episodes!? It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we started this journey, sharing our passion for real food and mindful living with you, our beautiful friends. We’re beyond grateful for all the times you’ve shared an episode with a friend or told a family member to tune in! We can’t say it [...]

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The Mom’s Guide to Glowing Summer Skin

Hi, I’m Justine and I am the mama of a beautiful little ball of sunshine named Elle. She’s 18 months old going on 5 years of sass and this mama has been working in over-drive to figure out how to create a better balance of family, work and “me” time. Because I think it’s so [...]

Episode 42 | Safe Summer Beauty Guide

Summer is in full swing and we are excited to talk about our safe summer beauty tips and how to nourish your beauty routine. We believe that true beauty comes from the inside out– cliche or not, it’s true! So we are sharing our top beautifying foods and why eating getting more of these tasty [...]

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Episode 41 | 3 Foundations to Balancing Female Hormones

Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring this episode.  Listen to the podcast for a discount code for a free lip balm!   On today’s podcast episode, Caroline is sharing the details on her new nutrition course, Flourish: a modern lady’s guide to eliminate stress, balance hormones and embrace the full potential of living. As women [...]

Episode 32 | 10 Things We’re Learning Lately

Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring this episode. Be sure to listen in to get your Free Lip Balm with any order!   Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! Today we are getting personal and sharing 10 lessons we have been learning lately with the hope that maybe you’ll be able to relate [...]

Episode 31 | Why We Need Sunshine + Safe Sunscreen

Thank you the the Nutritional Therapy Association for sponsoring this episode—real education for people who believe in real food.   We both love sunshine and the life and energy it brings into our daily lives! And we better because we both live in sunny, warm areas of the world! Funny thing is, we rarely lather up [...]

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Episode 29 | From Start-Up to Success with Bethany of Primally Pure

Today we’re getting a bit giddy hanging with our dear friend Bethany McDaniel, the owner and creative mastermind behind the clean beauty products of Primally Pure. We can’t help it, she’s one of our faves! Rather than digging into the details of her amazing products (which you have heard us talk about so many times), [...]

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Episode 28 | Detoxing Your Life Part 2

If you missed last week’s episode, Part 1 of our detox series, go back and listen to Episode 27 before listening to today’s episode. In “Detoxing Your Life Part 2,” we are continuing with the theme of looking at detox through a whole body lens and diving into external detox. Your external environment—the products you use to clean [...]

My Beauty Routine + Why I Made the Swap to Clean Products

Photos by Caroline Potter I’m a woman. Duh. Most of you knew that. And I really love being a woman. I love getting dressed up and putting a little extra makeup on to “wow” the hubs. I love that I got to house our baby girl, labor and birth her into this world [...]

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Episode 25 | Why We Love Being Nutritional Therapy Practitioners + Beyond

Today we are talking about what it means to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and how you can be an influencer without ever going back to school! This episode is a little different than the usual. Today we are digging into what we do as Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and what that title actually means. Each [...]