All things pre + post-baby health on the Nourishing Buzz Podcast

Ok, I have a new obsession. Thank the Lord because if I didn't like it, I'd be in big trouble. I'm obsessed with motherhood, nourishing my family and keeping them safe and healthy. Particularly my precious baby girl. To me, this is the ultimate job and an incredible responsibility to use the knowledge I have [...]

The Top 5 “Healthy” Foods to Avoid {+real food swaps}

The more I learn about our food industry, the more I wonder where else I’ve been completely brainwashed and utterly mislead in my life. Our ideas of what makes up a healthy diet and even how much we should be eating each day come to us from government recommendations that have had little to no [...]

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Smoothie Skeptic Turned Believer + a recipe

I have always been a smoothie skeptic. Fruit, sweeteners, ice cream- SUGAR! I struggle with a good piece of dark chocolate calling my name from the freezer, no need to add the temptation of more sugar in a liquid form that is all too easy {and tasty!} to suck down. Most of my clients are [...]

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Nourished Travels

Travel season is upon us my friends and MAN I am SO excited! One of my favorite things in life is vacationing, seeing different places and straight up livin' the life {tell me, whose favorite isn't it!?}. It helps that I have a husband whom I adore and would rather no one else to adventure [...]

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The Big Fat Lie

Myth: Fat makes you fat. Truth: You need fat to burn fat. The human body NEEDS fat. Fat is one of 3 fuel sources the body can use. Fat is imperative for: Healthy cholesterol levels Optimal liver and gallbladder function Healthy hormone balance Cell wall integrity (permeability) {see cell wall illustration above} Production of anti-inflammatory [...]

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Dinner tonight: Spicy Curry Sauce over steamed veggies and cauliflower “rice”

Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon is one of my favorite cookbooks of all time. It is filled with tons of super nourishing, real food recipes from fresh bone broth to spaghetti squash casserole and chicken enchiladas with homemade red sauce. I haven’t tried a recipe that I [...]

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Why I Drink RAW Milk…A Campaign for Real Milk.

Raw Milk. Aaaah! These words may evoke a sense of uneasiness for some, a memory of your mother telling you how dangerous it is or some health scare you heard on TV. Or, you may be on the other end of the spectrum and have discovered the nourishing qualities that make it a sacred food. [...]