Episode 36 | 10 Ways to Actually Simplify Your Life

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We are really loving this whole “simplifying” craze that’s happening in the world right now because as you know, we are all about being more mindful in life – your stressors, messes, what’s draining you, what’s filling you up, how food makes you feel and so on.

We believe that you need to be mindful in order to know what and how your life needs simplifying, but figuring out how to actually put this into practice can be a challenge. We totally get it.

The thing is, it’s not necessarily about doing more or less, but more about doing the right thing.

So on today’s episode, we are giving you 10 ways to simplify your life – from cleaning out your closet to checking your email less and a few more good ones in between. Maybe you’re kicking butt at a few of these, but other areas are leaving you overwhelmed or exhausted.

We challenge you to put one or two of the points to practice in the coming week. And since we love to give you ways to make what you learn in the episode as actionable as possible, we have created a free download that’ll help you kick butt at #4, one of our favorite points from this episode.

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Highlight Reel

02:30 | What simplifying your life actually means day to day

09:15 | Why you should get dressed and ready each morning

23:05 | Only checking your email 2 times per day

31:24 | Say “no” so that you can say the right “yes” for your life

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Thank you to the Nutritional Therapy Association for sponsoring this episode.

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