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Summer is in full affect and I am loving all things pool par-tay, friend-packed, sweaty weekends in sunny Southern California! It’s crazy to think we only have about five weekends left in the season! Oh, how time flies when you’re having fun.

The hubs and I spent the last week in San Diego and there was lots of sun to be had. He was working most of the trip, but baby girl and I had plenty of fun in the sun for all of us! There was a water park involved and some good ol’ pool time and both of us have a beautiful glow to show for it!


Being fair-skinned, I am super conscious of my sun time. If I rack up more than 30 minutes of sunscreen-less sun time (super important time to get that vitamin D my friends, don’t neglect this time!), I am starting to turn reddish and its time for some shade.

I have always noticed changes in my skin during the summer months and usually just double dose on toxic sunscreens and after-sun lotions.

I know better than that now.

I don’t want relief just in the moment. I don’t want to reek of some crazy (fake) smell created in a lab.

I want something that is going to help my skin not only feel better, but really be better. I am so done with spending money on junk…I want the good stuff.

Especially for our babe with her precious, insanely soft baby skin!

And I want you to have the good stuff too.

Because that is why I do what I do. So YOU can live better. Healthier. You feel me?

As I continue to learn and teach clients about non-toxic living and cleaning up not only what we put in our mouths, but also what we put on our skin (our largest organ!), I am always looking for new, cleaner ways to support our efforts. Many of you may have already picked up on my passion (aka obsession) for essential oils and their incredible medicinal properties (not to mention delightful aromas). What I love most is how essential oils can affect every system in our body when used properly, and our skin is no exception.


Using essential oils topically (on your skin) is a great way to nourish and hydrate your skin before, during and after the summer months (get it…year round!). Here are some of my favorite oils for beautifying skin (plus some other amazing benefits):

Frankincense has extraordinary internal and external health benefits; this oil never ceases to amaze me. “When in doubt, use Frankincense” is the phrase. Its soothing and beautifying properties are used to rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks (is anyone else raising their hand!?). Frankincense is not only great for your skin, but is also known to promote cellular health and immunity and can be consumed daily for these internal benefits. It also promotes a healthy inflammatory response and when inhaled or diffused, Frankincense induces feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness.

Lavender is hands down my favorite go-to oil and has been used and cherished for centuries for its unmistakable aroma and many therapeutic benefits. Lavender is frequently used to help soothe skin irritations and help skin recover quickly. It’s also been shown to help reduce muscle tension. Inhaling Lavender promotes relaxation and a restful night’s sleep, making it an ideal oil to diffuse at bedtime and when stress levels are high.

Melaleuca (known as Tea Tree in the U.S.) can be used to cleanse and purify the skin and nails and to promote a clear, healthy complexion. It is also frequently used on minor skin irritations to soothe the skin and help it recover quickly. Taken internally, it can enhance immunity when seasonal threats are high.

Peppermint is frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral health, but is also known for it’s cooling affects on the skin, which is perfect after a day in the sun. It can also help to alleviate stomach upset and head tension and promotes healthy respiratory function.

Geranium is another amazing oil that is known for its ability to hydrate and balance all skin types and is great for keeping cuts and wounds clean while promoting healing. This is a great oil to add to your shampoo and conditioner for a little extra glow. This floral oil has both detoxifying and regenerating properties and smells divine.

Helichrysum is used to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles and promotes a glowing, youthful complexion. This little lovely may also help promote a healthy metabolism. Yes. Sign me up.

Pretty amazing, right?

Now let’s see how we can use these beauties this summer to help reduce our exposure to toxic “beauty” products and create more youthful and glowing skin, naturally.


Sunburn Remedy

25 drops lavender

25 drops helichrysum

25 drops peppermint

Add to 10ml roller ball or spray bottle and fill with liquid carrier oil (like this one). Gently apply to sunburn. Apply 3-4 times daily after sun.


Aftersun Spray

1 cup aloe vera juice

¼ cup fractionated coconut oil

8 drops lavender

8 drops melaleuca

8 drops roman chamomile

Combine ingredients in a 16 ounce glass spray bottle and shake well to combine. Spray onto sunburned skin 3-4 times per day.


Cooling Spray

8 ounces filtered water

2 teaspoons witch hazel

10 drops peppermint

Combine all ingredients in a small glass spray bottle and shake to combine. Use on sunburn skin or just to help cool your body in the heat of summer!


Give me all the oils…


So, what if you would like to get started using these beautifying oils?

Well, having a wholesale membership is what I chose and is the most economical way to go. 

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Best of all, you will have access to myself and/or one of my amazing oil leaders so you can continue learning how to best use essential oils for you and your entire family! We are here to support you and to help you learn how to support a healthy lifestyle using essential oils. 

If you enroll with any enrollment kit, doTERRA will waive your $35 annual fee, and I’ll send you a FREE 8-vial keychain, so you can carry your favorite oils with you wherever you go! 

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